I have learned some things while being in the city:

1. Definitely invest in an unlimited metrocard for the subways and buses. You WILL get lost so don’t waste $2.50 for every mistake you make. It costs $30 for a week.
2. Always, always, always pack flip flops when wearing heels. Again, you WILL get lost. Even people who live here do it.
3. Taxis take cards. SAY WHAT?!
4. Carry cash. Some places only take cash. Luckily Andrew’s cousin was in the market we were eating in so he spotted us ^^.
5. Don’t wait for the crosswalk to walk across the street. That’s for noobs.
6. When riding the subway, look up where you are going and how to get there before entering the station. Once you go underground, there is no service. This is how we got lost the first time.
7. Traveling an hour into the city from Flushing is normal. Sad.
8. Check the weather. I did not know it would rain today and my sneakers and socks were drenched. Luckily a friend brought an umbrella.
9. You will walk A LOT.
10. Yes. Things are expensive in New York. Get ready to spend~!